Jill Duggar Reveals Baby’s Gender? Check Out The Couple’s Baby Registry And Decide

Pregnant Duggar family member Jill Dillard was busy this weekend with husband Derick creating baby registries. The couple has yet to reveal the gender of the new “Baby Dilly,” but the registries do hold some pretty obvious clues.

The registries, which were created this past weekend, seem to be legit, as Derick posted a photo to his Instagram account of the happy couple scanning away.

The couple registered at Walmart and on Amazon. So what are the gender hints in the registry? Here are a few key components of the registry that are leaving many Duggar fans speculating that “Baby Dilly” is, in fact, a girl.

  • Cotton Tale Designs 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set, Tea Party — This item was initially the only item on the Amazon registry. The bedding is shades of light pink with dark pink paisley swirls. This is the only crib bedding the couple has registered for, so unless they are planning on returning the item, many are speculating this decision means the Dillards are giving away their baby’s gender and Baby Dilly is a girl.
  • Pink nail files and clippers
  • Tulip Bath Book
  • Pink stroller clip
  • Child of Mine fitted sheets with pink print
  • Booster seat with pink details

Most of the items on the registry would be considered “gender neutral” by most parties. However, these few pink items leave many thinking the couple does know the gender. There are many different blue, yellow, and green items on the registry and soft pastels. From dishes to sippy cups, there is a large variety of colors chosen for Baby Dilly.

After the bedding was added to the Amazon registry the couple added a Frenchie Mini Couture Tuxedo Bib with 3D Applique. Was the tuxedo bib an attempt to throw fans off, or could the couple simply be registering for both girl and boy items without knowing Baby Dilly’s gender yet?

It is important to note that all big ticket items are gender neutral with the exception of the crib bedding and booster seat. There are no big ticket items that speak specifically to a boy. Therefore, it appears that the Dillards may be expecting a little girl.

In true Duggar fashion, like the infamous locked-and-loaded Dillard wedding registry and sister Jill’s duct tape happy registry, the Dillards also registered for some unusual baby items. A Tracphone card, Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Gatorade all made the list at Walmart.

What do you think? Does the Dillard’s registry play to one gender more than the other?