Guam Earthquake Hits 6.7 Magnitude

Guam earthquake does little damage to island nation.

Pacific nation island of Guam was hit by a 6.7 magnitude earthquake early Wednesday morning, reported USA Today.

Initial reports had the internet abuzz with rumors that tsunami warnings were in effect, though this turned out to be incorrect. The claims were, however, somewhat more feasible when the Guam earthquake was originally rated a 7.1.

Little damage was caused by the earthquake in Guam, according to the United State’s Department of Homeland Security’s Joint Information Center on Guam. The organization keep tabs on Guam as it is a U.S. territory.

“By all accounts, Guam was not affected in a major way by this strong earthquake.”

More recent information actually shows the earthquake hit far from the coast of Guam.

Of course, internet pundits haven’t missed a beat in taking jabs at Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga), who famously remarked that he thought Guam would capsize last year.

Citizens took to Twitter to express how “blessed” they felt about the outcome of the Guam earthquake.