Actor Shia LaBeouf Has Stalker Woman Who Thinks He’s Einstein

Celebrities often have the occasional fanatic who tries to invade their personal life and offend their right to privacy. Shia LaBeouf seems to be facing more than his fair share of interference from a fan who thinks he is Albert Einstein.

Graciela Nahle has been stalking Shia LaBeouf and has traveled to the actor’s Los Angeles home on at least three occasions in the last several months. Nahle, who has been arrested before for making criminal threats to the actor, showed up at his house eating watermelon on his driveway, according to Yahoo Celebrity News. When the actor asked her to leave, she lashed out.

“I am going to blow up your house! I am going to blow up the world!”

She continued her rant, stating, “You are Albert Einstein and we belong together.”

The Daily Mail reports that she once showed up at the Transformers star house once carrying a baby, claiming she and LaBeouf were best friends in a previous life. LaBeouf says he fears for his safety as this has been the third time that the stalking fan has shown up on his property making threats.

Last month, TMZ released the 911 call made by LaBeouf to police during his confrontation with her. TMZ recounts the details of the incident.

“Although he remained quite calm on the phone, he told police she had been stalking him for two weeks. He can be heard saying ‘Don’t touch me’ on the tape before explaining the situation to the police. Nahle was then arrested and pleaded ‘no contest’ to trespassing. She was sentenced to 45 days in jail but released after just four.”

The latest episode has prompted LaBeouf to obtain a restraining order against Nahle. The order mandates that she stays at least 100 yards from the actor. Hopefully this will keep her from stalking him.

Shia LaBeouf has been in the news quite a bit. An earlier Inquisitr article reported that the 28-year-old actor pleaded guilty to charges of disorderly conduct. He was charged with the misdemeanor in July in New York City after allegedly slapping actor Alan Cumming during a performance of Broadway’s Cabaret. The Telegraph which has described his recent behavior as increasingly erratic, also reported that he was in a fight outside of a Los Angeles strip club.

His representative has since said that Shia suffers from alcohol addiction and is taking steps towards recovery.

Shia recently finished filming for his latest movie, Fury. It is set to be released on October 17.

[Image Credit: Chung Sung-Jun / Getty Images]