TNA News: Former WWE Superstar Debuts At TNA iMPACT Tapings Last Night

In an unsurprising report, a former WWE Superstar is now with TNA Wrestling. This happens a lot, so it is never anything of major note. However, this former WWE Superstar might just benefit from being with TNA. A few months ago, WWE went through a Spring Cleaning of sorts and let a number of WWE Superstars go, one being Brodus Clay. Many wondered why the big man was let go, as WWE used him on TV quite often.

However, over the last number of months in his run, WWE had not used him at all. The story out of WWE was that Clay was being repackaged. He was a “main event playa,” and both he and Tensai were no longer tagging together. This allowed Tensai to be written off TV, and he joined the training team at NXT. Meanwhile, Clay was never seen from again.

Clay needed a change, but he was unable to really do anything until his no compete clause expired, which recently did. Clay was a surprise for the TNA fans in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where TNA has been doing their recent tapings. He was not scheduled to be part of the show or advertised. Many believe this was a last-minute thing with Clay, as he was only set to be part of a few Indy shows in the New York area.

Brodus Clay TNA

Clay showed up to join his NXT Season 4 co-star Ethan Carter III, who was known as Derrick Bateman in WWE at the time.

It is uncertain if Clay signed a long-term deal with TNA or not, but it is said that he will be on a few tapings. There is also no set name that is known as of yet with Clay, but we may find out more about that in the coming days, of course. Eventually, TNA will give him a name of some sort, even if it’s his real name. There are also a few ways to spell Brodus, so they might not have to get too creative.

TNA will most likely use Clay in a similar way he was used with Alberto Del Rio, as a bodyguard of sorts. Which, funny enough, was his job before he got into wrestling. So really, he’d be doing the job he left that job to do. I do digress, however, as it’s simple semantics.

TNA has always enjoyed grabbing former WWE talent and using them to get little to no ratings boost. However, Clay will benefit in the move to TNA Wrestling as he would at least be used. They might also allow him to be the monster heel that many thought he could do so well. TNA literally has the potential to create something big out of Clay. If they stack him with similar gimmicks he had in WWE, they will lose what would make him a massively marketable star for them.

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