Duchess Kate Bares Royal Baby Bump, Looks Gaunt Since Pregnancy Announcement?

For the first time since the world learned Duchess Kate was pregnant again, she bared her itsy-bitsy baby bump during a dinner engagement recently with her husband, Prince William. However, one source suggests the Duchess of Cambridge looked gaunt in the photos, and may be losing weight prematurely from the effects her struggles with morning sickness.

Will and Kate were spied enjoying dinner Thursday in Great Bircham at the King’s Head pub near 8:00 p.m. The royal couple has living quarters in the countryside nearby, but that didn’t stop locals from becoming starstruck at the sight of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge dining among the commoners.

“Locals were stunned to see the royal couple saunter in and sit at a quiet table in the corner,” according to an unnamed source to RadarOnline.

Duchess Kate and Wills were flanked by four armed bodyguards from the Royal Protection squad as they enjoyed a night out together.

Over dinner, they both ordered a freshwater fish called black bream, which was served with a medley of roasted vegetables piled on a bed of spinach. A pregnant Kate drank water while her husband chose red wine. Finally, for dessert, the duke and duchess ordered a single scoop of vanilla ice cream.

In somewhat of a break from local tradition and rules of protocol, a stunned couple approached the dining royals and introduced themselves. However, the modest couple didn’t seem turned off at all; they exchanged niceties and shook their hands.

As Duchess Kate stepped out, her royal baby bump shown ever slightly through a cardigan sweater. The photos don’t do much justice, but she’s only in her first trimester, according to insiders. Radar asks the question: “Is she too thin?” It’s a fair question, considering Kate recently suffered from a severe case of hyperemesis gravidarum (or morning sickness) and had to be hospitalized.

Vanity Fair wrote on how the duchess prepared for pregnancy. For one, she put a stop to having spray tans. On the diet side, Kate adopted a modified raw diet and began juicing for nutrition ahead of her growing royal baby bump.

Reportedly, a small number of pregnant women are predisposed to having morning sickness, which is characterized by bouts of nausea, with or without vomiting and unintentional weight loss. The latter may explain Duchess Kate’s thin appearance and tiny royal baby bump. However, given that Middleton is known for her small frame, it’s not unusual to see her looking thin in snaps. Besides, she didn’t put on swells of baby fat during her first pregnancy.

[Image via: Hollywood Gossip]