Herman Cain Memoir Reaches Amazon Top 10 List

James Johnson

It's a good time to be Herman Cain, not only is he surging ahead in recent GOP primary polls, his memoir This is Herman Cain has also recently climb into the Amazon top 10 best-seller list.

Hardcover copies of the Republicans book were sold out at stores across the nation on Friday and that caused a spike in e-books to be picked up by interested parties.

Cains popularity seems to have quickly climbed after a Florida straw poll on Sept. 24 showed him in direct competition with Mitt Romney, the frontrunner of the GOP primary.

The book has been published by Simon & Schuster who also offers books by conservatives such as former Vice President Dick Cheney and mouthpiece Glenn Beck.

Cains memoir takes a candid look back at his life growing up in the segregated South and then looks forward to his hopes for the future including a spot in the White House.

The former head of Godfather's Pizza was regarded as a long shot coming into the primaries until the recent poll showed his chances improving.

While Cain's book appears to be helping his chances at the highest of offices, another book "Fed Up" has put Texas Governor Rick Perry in the hot seat for his comments calling social security a "ponzi scheme" and a "crumbling monument to the failure of the New Deal."

There is still plenty of time until Jan. primary voting occurs, it will be interesting to see if Cain can build on his current popularity, after all this is an election in which the frontrunner has constantly changes from Bachmann to Perry to Romney.

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