Avril Lavigne Appears In English Textbook [Photos]

Avril Lavigne is such a positive role model that she recently showed up in an English textbook. While this may sound like an elaborate joke designed to mock the Canadian singer’s fanbase, apparently it’s the real deal.

The idea of Lavigne appearing in a textbook of any variety may sound completely bonkers, someone thought it was a good idea. According to a number of fans on Twitter, they spied Avril’s smiling face in one of their books at school. Not surprisingly, they didn’t hesitate to post their discoveries on Twitter.

English textbooks aren’t the only places Avril Lavigne is showing up these days. Apparently someone in China spotted her mug in a Chinese textbook as well. When you’re trying to give the kids a decent education, why not utilize a celebrity they know and love? Keira Knightley and Thai martial artist Tony Jaa appear alongside the singer in the book.

Not surprisingly, Lavigne was more than a little excited that her name and face appeared in the aforementioned textbooks.

This is certainly good news considering the amount of attention her “Fappening” photos have received in recent days. For those who aren’t aware, Lavigne was one of many celebrities who watched helplessly as quite a few nude photos made the rounds online. While some of the victims confirmed the photos were real, others were quick to declare the images as fake. Avril hasn’t officially weighed in on the matter as of this writing.

To make matters worse for Lavigne, her marriage to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger is frequently called into question. The folks over at Classicalite seem particularly entranced by the couple’s relationship, reporting that her decision to head out on the town without her wedding ring is a sure sign that the two are quickly headed to Splitsville.

Fortunately, Lavigne is ignoring these negative headlines and focusing instead on something that truly matters. The Inquisitr recently reported that the singer spent her 30th birthday trying to raise money for the Special Olympics.

Are you surprised Avril Lavigne popped up in an English textbook?

[Lead image via Frederic Legrand / Shutterstock.com]