Lil Wayne Vs. Drake: Tour Gets Good Reviews, But Don’t Expect Epic Rap Battles

Lil Wayne and Drake continue their Street Fighter-themed show across the United States this month. Unfortunately for those who are looking for next-level rap battles, you might leave the show with the bitter taste of disappointment in your mouth.

Although the rappers teased some pretty impressive lyrical showdowns prior to their journey through the nation, Lil Wayne and his famous pal aren’t delivering the sort of confrontations one might expect when they hear the phrase “rap battle.” In fact, San Jose Mercury News writer Jim Harrington believes Wayne and his tour mate have a difficult time hiding their mutual admiration for one another during the show.

“The show was well paced, organized and executed, with each hip-hop hero getting ample chance to shine before a packed house of some 20,000 fans. Yet, it failed to deliver the type of battle promised by the tour’s title. Indeed, Lil Wayne and Drake came across more like bosom buddies than sworn enemies as they shared jokes and traded compliments throughout the two-hour-plus set. In particular, Drake was glowing in his remarks about the elder rapper.”

So how do Lil Wayne and Drake determine who emerges victorious during their onstage battles? Apparently that important decision is left up to those in attendance. Attendees are strongly encouraged to download an app that allows them to select a winner based on each rapper’s performance. According to The Seattle Times, Lil Wayne and Drake trade barbs back and forth in an effort to get fans to toss a vote in their general direction.

“The show was a stop on the “Drake vs. Lil Wayne” tour, where each concert is an ersatz rap battle. Fans were encouraged to download a proprietary phone app beforehand to vote on who would appear first, and the rappers traded short sets, engaging in some lighthearted, if forced, trash talk along the way. (Drake’s acting background on the TV show “Degrassi” surely helped.)”

Of course, anyone who knows Lil Wayne understands that he’s not exactly the best battle rapper on the planet. Before you assemble an angry mob in Wayne’s honor, it’s worth noting that even Weezy admits his skills are a little lacking in this department.

“I don’t know how to battle rap. For instance, you don’t see me diss. I don’t diss people. I don’t really now how to do that. I don’t know how to battle rap — talk about what you got on. I don’t know how to do that s**t… I’m letting you now. Mook don’t come at me dog. Don’t swing at me neck. I bow down. I’m letting y’all fans know now, I ain’t f**king with Mook… My arms too short to box with you God.”

Are you planning to catch Lil Wayne and drake on tour this year?

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