Kanye West’s Out Of Control Ego Reportedly Makes Life For Kim Unbearable

Kanye West, like many rich and famous people, has a difficult time keeping things under wraps, especially when it comes to his increasingly over-inflated ego.

One might assume that rappers, full of bling and image, need to portray a somewhat “bad boy” image, at least in public, and at the very least for the media. But what about behind closed doors? What’s life like for celebrities when they are enjoying downtime or just chilling at home.

According to an inside source, as reported by Look magazine, Kanye’s antics at home make life for Kim Kardashian often less than pleasant. The source alleged.

“Kanye is incredibly demanding — he has very precise standards, but it they’re not met he gets moody. He has a short fuse. He wants his music at a certain volume, insists on private lifts and entrances wherever he goes, and no one is allowed to be on a mobile around him before his concerts.”

Sounds about right, in fact, Kanye West’s behavior sounds similar to that of most men who get home tired and moody after a day in the office. But then, according to the insider, there’s Kanye West’s idiosyncrasies that seem to be the at the root of the problems.

For example, revealed the source, “When he’s at his New York apartment, the temperature must be set to a level that allows him to wear a hoodie indoors, even in summer.”

On top of that, Kanye is apparently very rule oriented when it comes to his close family members,”Even at Kim’s mum’s home, where they’ve been staying while their LA pad is renovated, Kanye still insists on his own rules,” the source added.

Radar Online reported that the same source, who seems to know an awful lot about the private lives of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, also revealed a bit more inside info about the rules Kanye insists upon. “Only one approved maid is allowed in their bedroom, and when his clothes are washed they must not be in with anyone else’s. He seems to want to be treated like a god and insists that Kim follow his rules too.”

Other claims include the fact that Kim is not allowed any chilling time with her girls, as the source told the publication, “Kanye nags her about everything and he even chooses who Kim can and can’t hang out with. Her friends cannot even be around her anymore because she is not allowed to have any girl time.”

It remains to be seen whether or not the allegations made by the Look magazine source are bone fide or simply rumors aimed at selling newspapers, but as is usually the case in situations such as these, there’s no smoke without fire so watch this space.