WWE: Roman Reigns WrestleMania Push In Jeopardy

Roman Reigns is on his way out.

Many Reigns fans don’t want to believe it, and you can look at his victory over Seth Rollins as a sign WWE is still pushing him. And yes, they very well may be.

But when a star isn’t ready for the big time, he doesn’t end up as the future face of the WWE, and Roman Reigns is not ready, plain and simple.

Worse than not being ready, he isn’t progressing. In fact, he’s slipping backward in popularity. His moves are getting tired, they’re losing the “pop” factor, and fans would rather see someone like Dean Ambrose on the big stage.

Adding to the problems that Roman Reigns now faces, he was actually shown up on Monday Night Raw by two men oft-criticized for being a “part timer” and “uninteresting.” I am, of course, talking about Brock Lesnar and John Cena, respectively.

In what WrestleView calls one of the “worst booked shows” of all time, the only thing remotely interesting that happened on Raw was between Lesnar and Cena, and the handling of the Roman Reigns-Seth Rollins match — even though it was a win for Reigns — demonstrated how utterly lacking in creativity Reigns’ booking currently is.

The contest, in which Reigns scored a clean, decisive victory over Rollins six days before the two were to go at it again in a pay-per-view left columnist Mike Tedesco shaking his head at what the WWE was thinking, and it’s hard to blame anyone for feeling that way. Likewise with Jim Ross.


There is a chance the fall of Roman Reigns will begin at Night of Champions because the WWE knows he’s lagging behind where they need him to be.

Booking a victory on the final show before the event may be WWE telegraphing a Seth Rollins victory on Sunday.

For the sake of WrestleMania 31, let’s hope so.

Whenever the WWE gives fans what they want, it turns out pretty good. The Daniel Bryan storyline at WrestleMania 30 was solid, and it was driven entirely by fan support. Yet in the past few months, we the fans have seen WWE make some atrocious decisions, and history tells us that Vince McMahon doesn’t always get it right.

(Gobbledygooker or Fake Razor and Fake Diesel anyone?)

The WWE’s WrestleMania 31 narrative needs to change immediately from Roman Reigns-Brock Lesnar. And if it doesn’t, the company should throw us a curve ball, like turning Reigns heel and allowing Lesnar to play face.

As things stand, that may be what the fans decide anyway.

What do you think, readers? Is Roman Reigns slowly but surely jeopardizing his WrestleMania moment, or is he still the go-to guy?