WWE News: John Cena’s Next Opponent Potentially Revealed

Much like Brock Lesnar’s next opponent after he’s done with John Cena, Cena’s proposed program after the Lesnar feud is one that will either be loved or hated. Come to think of it, Lesnar and the Big Show won’t be so bad. There will definitely be a moment where Lesnar superplexes Show off the top rope and destroys the ring. That will be epic. The WWE has some explaining to do about Cena’s next program.

The man who I’m about to introduce is a pretty decent heel in WWE. In fact, he and Mark Henry just pulled off a great main event on Monday Night Raw.

Props go out to the two big men that participated in the main event. They are making the feud believable and all about the countries they are representing. Also, Lana with her mic skills continue to be a bright spot on WWE programming. Plus, WWE is finally beginning to build young stars for the future.

Speaking of somebody that likes to build younger guys for the future, John Cena comes to mind. According to Wrestling Inc, the Henry/Rusev angle on Raw is working towards something bigger for the Bulgarian Brute.

Mark Henry and Rusev closing out last night’s RAW may have had something to do with preparing Rusev for a feud with John Cena soon.

Well, that nearly guarantees Cena not winning at Night of Champions this Sunday. To be fair, nothing is a guarantee is professional wrestling and the WWE has proved that more times than anyone. What would a feud between those two be like? It is hard to predict, but Cena would make children-friendly jokes about Lana and Rusev, bring in military veterans to band America and then beat Rusev with the S.T.F.

Does that clear up the confusion about how that will go down? All joking aside, WWE will write Rusev to beat Cena and make him look like a super villain. That is the plan for Rusev and Lana isn’t it?

However, I’m very apprehensive for Cena’s future in the WWE. Not that he will leave like CM Punk did or just flat-out retire due to injury, but more on the WWE Creative-side of things. What will they keep doing with Cena to keep him relevant? Better yet, where will he go from Rusev?

He’s been in the WWE for 12 years and has faced the whole roster and back that would make sense. There are only two people he could feud with that would be logical to the WWE fans. Since Punk won’t be back anytime soon, then Kurt Angle is that guy. Think about it, Angle will not feud with Jack Swagger or anybody in the mid-card. He is a main event-talent. Only problem is; Cena would have to turn heel. Never say never… WWE fans.

[Image via wrestlingnews.co]