Sharon Osbourne: ‘No One Wants To Buy’ U2’s Music

Add Sharon Osbourne to the list of people who are not happy with U2’s latest album, Songs of Innocence. However, Osbourne went beyond stating that she doesn’t like the fact that people were forced to have the album in their iTunes library.

Taking to Twitter, Sharon Osbourne ranted against the band, throwing all sorts of names at them and giving her opinion as to why they released their new album free of charge.

Some of the things Osbourne said were a little profane.

“Whose political a** are we going to pull you out of today? Or are you front row at another tragic fashion show?… [sic]”

“Jimmy lovine [sic], iTunes, U2, you’re a bunch of megalomaniacs. F*** YOU!”

On the same day as Osbourne’s rant, The Inquisitr reported that iTunes users who don’t want the U2 album can remove it from their library with a special tool.

Sharon Osbourne later explained why she went off on a rant against U2 during an episode of the daytime talk show, The View. According to a report from the Houston Chronicle, Osbourne explained that she would prefer to be able to download something at her own will rather than unknowingly have it added to her library.

“(They) give it away for free, whether you want it or not… It fills up space on your iPhone.”

Osbourne then made the statement that she believes U2’s decision to make their new album available for free doesn’t really help the people trying their hardest to succeed in the music industry.

“They set a precedent that music is disposable, it’s just another piece of software and it’s nothing, you should give it away for free.”

“Sorry guys… there’s a whole new breed of artist coming up that need that money to survive to be able to continue to create. We’re not all billionaires, we’re not all in your world. So stop with you’re ‘doing us a favor by giving it away for free.’ Keep it to yourselves!”

Do you think Sharon Osbourne is right?

[Images via MTV and Audio Headline]