Nasim Pedrad As Aziz Ansari?! This Unaired ‘SNL’ Clip Of Her Impersonation Will Impress You!

Nasim Pedrad impersonates Aziz Ansari in this never-before-seen sketch straight from the set of Saturday Night Live – and nails it!

During her five seasons on Saturday Night Live, Nasim Pedrad was able to quickly rise to fame with such amazing impersonations as Kim Kardashian, Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj.

However, Pedrad admitted to Conan O’Brien during a recent appearance on his late-night talk show that the one celebrity she always wanted to impersonate but never got a chance to do so was Aziz Ansari.

That’s right — Aziz Ansari!

As you can see from the footage of the interview, Nasim Pedrad tried to push the concept of impersonating Aziz Ansari on the show numerous times, but the idea was either completely rejected or (in the case of this unaired sketch) cut during the dress rehearsal.

Somehow, Conan O’Brien was able to gain access to this relatively short clip of Nasim Pedrad performing her impersonation of Aziz Ansari in full costume during a sketch inside of a clothing store with fellow SNL actor Taran Killam.

As soon as it was released online, Twitter exploded with reactions and responses praising Nasim for her uncanny impersonation:

Nasim Pedrad will not be returning to Saturday Night Live for the 40th season, which will officially begin on Saturday, September 27 with host Chris Pratt.

This is because Pedrad will be featured as a regular cast member of the highly-anticipated sitcom, Mulaney, on FOX which will star comedian and former SNL writer John Mulaney in the lead role.

Even though many people will miss seeing her on Saturday Night Live every weekend, more people than you might think are eager to see what she can do in an actual sitcom.

Even though many other people believe Nasim Pedrad made a BIG mistake by quitting Saturday Night Live to star on a show that seems to have the potential of being cancelled:

What do you think? With such amazing impersonations as Aziz Ansari, is Nasim Pedrad making the right decision by switching from Saturday Night Live to a sitcom?