Bigfoot: Team Of Seventy Scientists From Around The World Studying Cryptid

A group of 70 scientists from around the world are defying skepticism to study the legendary cryptid known as Bigfoot, intending to classify it among other species, proving its existence.

The Western Bigfoot Society, which was founded by Rhettman Mullis, according to Fox News Latino, has been involved in the search for Bigfoot for over 40 years. Consisting of 70 scientists, Mullis says that the group is unique within the Bigfoot community.

“We are different from other Bigfoot researchers in the sense that we start with the certainty that Bigfoot exists, so we focus our studies on its behavior and classification within the animal kingdom.”

Based in the Pacific Northwest and Washington state, the Bigfoot society’s field operation, Team Bigfoot, has collected what Mullis calls “extensive evidence” of the creature’s existence, including footprints and hair. These findings have allowed the team to discern some of the features of the legendary cryptid, revealing much about the elusive animal.

“Bigfoots are related to both humans and apes,” Mullis contends. “Their hair is similar to that of humans and they walk like humans, but they have long arms and short legs like apes.”

As The Odisha Sun Times points out, Mullis has believed in Bigfoot since a young age, when one of the creatures was revealed to him.

“I saw one with my own eyes,” Mullis claims. “It was 1977 and it happened in Puget Sound (in Washington state). That changed my life forever.”

A professional psychologist, Mullis believes that a population of Bigfoots may well be widespread, with over 100,000 in North America alone. His team includes scientists well versed in genetics, primates, zoology and biology, originating from multiple countries, and united in their belief in Bigfoot’s existence.

A man in Farmington, Wisconsin claims these footprints outside his house belong to Bigfoot.

— Strange Sightings (@StrangeWorId) August 23, 2014

Bigfoot is far from a recent invention, as sightings of hairy, manlike beasts have been documented worldwide for over 1,000 years. Recently, a DNA study was performed by Dr. Bryan Sykes at Oxford University, testing hair samples purported to be from Bigfoot and other similar creatures, like the Yeti of the Himalayas. As The Inquisitr noted at the time, some of the hairs tested matched an ancient species of polar bear. Sykes admitted, however, that the study did not disprove the existence of Bigfoot.

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