Testy Pizzeria Worker Allegedly Rubbed Genitals On Pie

A pizza restaurant worker upset that a customer order a pie for takeout right around closing time allegedly added a temporary testicle topping.

The incident occurred in early September at Papa Murphy’s in Georgetown, Texas, in the Austin area, The Smoking Gun reported

The customer fortunately spotted the employee in the act when he arrived to pick up a family-sized stuffed pizza with Canadian bacon, pineapple, and extra cheese. At that time, the employee, 18, apologized to the patron for being stupid and acknowledged that he was old enough to know better than to put his balls on someone’s pizza, according to the police affidavit.

The worker was equally apologetic to the store manager the following day. In a phone call with the detective investigating the case, the contrite worker, who admitted rubbing his junk on the pizza because he was upset about the near closing time order, also indicated that he would “probably” have sold the tainted pizza in question to the customer had he not been confronted.

In the felony complaint, the detective added that “substances such as fecal matter can be transferred by heat to the scrotum and could have transferred to the pizza when [the employee] rubbed his scrotum on the pizza” and that “ingestion of fecal matter can cause serious bodily injury.”

Police charged the worker, identified in multiple media accounts as Austin Symonds, with tampering with a consumer product. Symonds was arrested on September 12 and released from Williamson County Jail after posting a $10,000 bond, according to the Austin American-Statesman. He reportedly has been fired by Papa Murphy’s.

Papa Murphy’s, which describes itself as a take-and bake operation (i.e., the customer pops the completed pie in the oven at home) with a “commitment to fresh,” has about 1,300 stores and is the fifth largest pizza company in the U.S.

In February, a Pizza Hut district manager in West Virginia was caught on surveillance video peeing into a restaurant sink after hours. He was terminated as a result of the incident, and county health officials shut the place down until it was completely cleaned up.

[image credit: Milad Mosapoor]