Spoiliers For ‘Big Brother 16’: Week 12 Eviction, New Head Of Household Leaked

Though Big Brother 16 fans thought they would have to wait until Tuesday night’s show for confirmation on the latest eviction and Head of Household competition, a brief live feed leak revealed some significant Big Brother spoilers. Have things gone down the way many BB16 fans anticipated?

Jokers Updates shares that in the brief Big Brother spoiler live feed leak, Frankie Grande was not seen on the feeds but Victoria Rafaeli was. Thus, that confirms that Derrick and Cody followed through with the plan to evict Frankie. That doesn’t come as a surprise to spoiler fans, but it will still be exciting to watch play out during Tuesday’s show.

In addition, it is clear that the Head of Household competition has already been played, as the remaining four BB16 houseguests were all wearing shirts indicating they were ready to play the Power of Veto competition. A tweet via Big Brother Gossip shared a Big Brother spoiler picture confirming that Frankie is gone and the players are preparing for the POV.

As for HOH, Caleb wasn’t eligible to compete, but could a fluke Victoria win set the stage for a big shift in the game? Big Brother spoilers reveal that apparently Derrick Levasseur won HOH. Another quick leak via the live feeds showed the HOH basket and there was a Rhode Island license plate noting “#1 Dad” on it. That can only mean that Derrick is HOH. In addition, there was a moment shown of Derrick and Victoria talking about how important the POV competition is for her.

It would certainly appear, then, that Victoria is nominated, but did Derrick nominate Cody or Caleb? Reynolds is the target for eviction for Wednesday’s show, but of course if Caleb wins POV that plan will be shot. Chances are that Derrick would put Caleb up just to make sure he’s on the block. However, he will also probably try to convince Caleb that Victoria is the target and Reynolds doesn’t have to play hard. Given Caleb’s confidence and Derrick’s ability to sway people, it may well play out that way.

Fans likely won’t know who the POV winner is until the live feeds are back in full after Tuesday night’s episode. If Caleb doesn’t win POV, expect him to go to the jury in Wednesday night’s live show. If he does win POV, it will be interesting to see what comes next, though it would seem that Victoria would then be evicted instead. Tune in to Big Brother 16 airing on CBS Tuesday and Wednesday night as the stage is set for the final HOH competition and next week’s finale.

[Image via CBS]