Vladimir Putin 'As Dangerous As Stalin And Bigger Threat Than ISIS,' Claims Former Defense Secretary

Vladimir Putin poses a bigger threat than ISIS and is more dangerous than Joseph Stalin, according to former defense secretary Bob Ainsworth.

The senior Labour MP in Britain qualified his claims by saying that Putin so dangerous due to the fact he has a strong state and the military to achieve any ambitions he might have.

This isn't the first negative comment either which has been made by a high-ranking British official, as Prince Charles said to reporters during a recent trip to Canada that he believes that Putin is as bad as Hitler.

The criticism of Russian President was made by Ainsworth in an article he wrote recently for a Birmingham public affairs website called the Chamberlain Files.

"No leader of a major power has behaved as overtly aggressively since Stalin in the postwar period, and sadly Putin would be very pleased with the comparison. He has said the demise of the Soviet Union was the greatest tragedy of the 20th century and he claims the right to act on behalf of Russian minorities in other states. As there are Russian minorities throughout the old Soviet Union and far wider he is in principle claiming the right to interfere in the affairs of all of the independent sovereign states of eastern Europe. Stalin's policies pushed the world into the cold war. Putin has the potential to be equally as dangerous."
Ainsworth's strong remarks against Putin, which were published in the Guardian, claimed that it was vital for Europe to reduce its reliance on Russian energy and to seek other sources.
"The prime minister told the House of Commons recently there is no need to look at the strategic defence review of 2010 despite the fact that large scale cuts are still being imposed on our armed forces. We have an army stuffed full of the kind of vehicles best suited to fight a counter insurgency in Afghanistan, not those likely to offer reassurance to our European neighbors facing a Russia that is re-equipping its own forces."
There's little question that Ainsworth has a point about the potential threat Russia could pose for Europe and even further afield, as the world seems far more interested in ISIS beheadings than they do in what is happening in the Ukraine, which was invaded, to all intents and purposes, recently.