Amber Marchese Needs To Back Off Teresa Giudice, Says Melissa Gorga

Amber Marchese may be a new housewife on Real Housewives of New Jersey, but she actually has a connection to the cast. She knew Melissa Gorga before she got married to Joe Gorga. Amber and Melissa used to party together all the time and they met up again during the first couple of episodes of this season. However, when Gorga introduced Marchese to the rest of her family, she didn’t expect things to go south so fast.

Gorga may be questioning why she decided to let Amber Marchese into her inner circle. It was revealed that Amber’s husband, Jim Marchese, actually works with the prosecutor who is going after Teresa Giudice and her husband for mortgage fraud. And yet, Amber seems very concerned about Teresa’s situation.

According to a new Bravo report, Amber Marchese may have been a little aggressive with Teresa over the past couple of episodes. She keeps calling to show she cares, but rather than offer support, Amber appears to be digging for information.

“I will say I had no idea when I introduced Amber to my sister-in-law that she was going to have such strong feelings toward her. I know Teresa doesn’t like all the questions, and I think by now Amber should realize that. It’s not about us understanding exactly what’s going on, it’s about making sure Teresa knows we are there for her if she needs us,” Melissa reveals about watching Amber calling Teresa and digging for details.

Amber Marchese may have good intentions, despite being in an interesting position. Her husband works to prosecute Giudice and her husband, but Amber feels a need to reach out to let Giudice know that she is there for her.

But this episode proved to be a scary one for Amber. She had her five-year check-up for her cancer, which was a stressful visit for her. Marchese revealed that the results had been inconclusive and that she needed to come back to the doctor’s office the day after for further discussions.

It is possible that Amber was just reaching out to Giudice to get answers, since she wasn’t getting answers of her own from her doctor. Perhaps, she just wanted to do something good. According to The Inquisitr, Amber will stand alone at the reunion special, as her husband was not invited. Maybe Bravo doesn’t want to put Teresa Giudice and Jim Marchese in the same room.

Do you think Amber Marchese had good intentions, or do you think she was trying to get information about Teresa’s guilty plea?

[Image via Radar Online]