Robber Doesn’t Make It Out Of Houston Store Alive — Owner’s Son Outdraws Him [Video]

A robber who held up a Houston convenience store Friday night and threatened to kill the young woman at the register with a shotgun has made the final threat of his life. Before he could pull the trigger, the woman’s brother blasted the robber with a 9mm Smith and Wesson handgun.

Usman Seth, 20, says he is still shaken up by what happened. He even gave the man a chance to survive after pumping the first bullet into the bad guy’s leg. Security camera footage shows the masked robber — whose name has not been made public — trying to retreat on one leg.

But Seth says that despite the man’s wound, he wouldn’t give up.

“I told him, ‘Drop your gun, I won’t do nothing to you,'” Seth told a local news outlet. “He was not listening, he kept trying to shoot at us.”

So Seth fired again — and that was the end of the line for the failed robber, who collapsed against the refrigeration unit filled with soft drinks.

The Seth family moved to Houston from New York about three years ago and opened the small store on Scranton Street in the Texas city. But the store has been robbed before — four times. So the family keeps a handgun on the premises to defend their livelihood, and more importantly, their lives.

When he heard his sister pleading, “Save me,” and his 59-year-old father, also named Usman, slipped him the Smith and Wesson, the younger Usman Seth did what he felt he had to do.

“I wanted to make the threat go away,” he told The Houston Chronicle. “He was saying, ‘I’m going to kill you if you move.’ I didn’t have any other option for protecting my family, so I starting shooting at him. My family, their lives were in my hands. I had to protect them.”

But the Seth family’s problems have not ended with the death of the shotgun-wielding robber. The family recognized the man after paramedics removed his mask. It was young Hispanic man who had been in the store just a half-hour prior to attempting to rob it.

Now the dead robber’s brother is making life hell for the Seth family, visiting the store the following morning and promising to kill them all.

“We are continuously getting threats,” said the elder Usman Seth.

And that’s still not the end. Though police did not arrest or charge the younger Usman Seth, a Houston grand jury is now investigating whether the killing was justified, and if charges should be brought against Usman Seth.