Darren Wilson Investigation To Stretch For Months; Protesters Say They Aren’t Going Anywhere

In Ferguson, Missouri, there’s still a call for the arrest of Darren Wilson, the officer who shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown last month. However, the grand jury investigation into Wilson’s actions is going to take longer than what may have been expected. The investigation has been extended by four months, and protesters say they’re ready to stick it out until Wilson is arrested.

CNN reported this morning that the grand jury responsible for deciding whether to indict Darren Wilson has received an extension. They’ll be able to hear evidence in Wilson’s case until January 7, the new deadline for a response.

Lost Voices, a community organization of youth who say they’ll protest until Darren Wilson is arrested, are not deterred by the news. They’re settling in for the duration, preparing their camp to hold through the winter. Lost Voices has been a force for positive protest, carrying out voter registration drives and meeting with elected officials.

Working on a full upgrade of the @lostvoices14 camp. They’re preparing for through January 7th. #Ferguson pic.twitter.com/nWGycpKVnL

— Charles Wade (@akacharleswade) September 16, 2014

Even as media attention wanes, Lost Voices is still receiving support and encouragement from across the country. They’ve been asked to post a wish list and mailing address so supporters can provide them with items they need if they’re to continue protesting, such as tents and warm clothing.

As for Darren Wilson supporters, they’re still around, but the fundraisers have been shut down. Recall that GoFundMe was flooded with demands to shut down the Darren Wilson donation page that raised almost half a million dollars, along with hundreds of racist comments. According to the Huffington Post, the supporters say GoFundMe did not shut Darren Wilson’s page down, but give little or no real reason for why they ended it.

The grand jury will continue to hear evidence in the case, and is expected to make a decision about whether Darren Wilson will be indicted by January 7, and Lost Voices will continue protesting until then.

[Photo: Lost Voices]