Unsuspecting Cat Gets Hilarious ‘Instant Karma’ For Messing With Wrong Bag

Cat videos may the most popular genre of online video since the dawn of YouTube, but the “Instant Karma” video is also on the upswing. Here we’ve got a video that combines the two — in the super-cute and hysterical fashion that makes cat videos enduringly popular.

Watch what happens when this unsuspecting cat decides to mess with an ordinary-looking plastic bag. Everything seems to be going along just fine until — surprise! Instant karma.

You know, it is possible to have two cats in a house without fights breaking out. Pet experts recommend using a little more than a plastic bag to keep the two cats separate when they’re first introduced to each other.

In fact, the experts say, you should keep the two cats in a separate rooms, gradually introducing them to one another, either under the door or through a screen so they can each grow accustomed to the other’s scent.

Cats need to know that there’s no threat to their carefully marked territory — whether that territory is the whole house, or just a plastic bag. Because as soon as they see a threat, well, watch this video and you’ll see what happens.