Unemployed Woman Given Wrong Type Of Lottery Ticket, Wins $25 Million

If you win the lottery you’re already considered pretty lucky but when you win the lottery because the store clerk accidentally sold you a Powerball ticket instead of a Mega Millions ticket you’re considered super lucky and that’s what happened this week to Georgia resident Kathy Scruggs.

Kathy realized the store clerks error when purchasing her ticket but she decided to keep the $25 million winner anyways.

The 44-year-old told the Savannah Morning News that she was searching endlessly for a job before her big win, a search she has officially given up.

“I’ve been looking and looking and looking,” Scruggs says, but now “I’m going to build my mom and grandmother a home.”

Scruggs also says she plans to help struggling people cover dental bills while noting “I’m happy and grateful.”


I’m pretty sure I would be “happy and grateful” if I won $25 million as well, hopefully she doesn’t blow through her cash like many lottery winners in the past have.