Michelle Money Using Cody Sattler For Fame? Photos Reveal Recent Split With Another ‘Amazing Man’

Is Michelle Money really in love with Cody Sattler or is she just interested in fame and fortune? WetPaint reports that Money broke up with her ex-boyfriend shortly before she appeared on Bachelor in Paradise and recently removed countless photos of the former couple from her social media accounts.

Michelle stated many times on Bachelor in Paradise that she was on the show to find love because her dating life was non-existent back home in Salt Lake City, Utah. However, fans of the show were quick to point out to blogger Reality Steve that Money and her then-boyfriend, Trent were constantly posting lovey-dovey couple photos on Instagram and Twitter right up until the ABC reality show started filming. Not only did they pose as a couple, Money also posted several pictures that included her young daughter, Brielle.

The pictures were similar to the “we’re so in love” pictures that Michelle is now posting with her current boyfriend, Cody. Both reality stars have been professing their undying love for each other and recently talked about getting married on television.

How long was Michelle Money dating Trent before breaking it off to go on Bachelor in Paradise? In April 2013, Money gushed about her new boyfriend to WetPaint at the Chris4Life Celebrity Auction Event in Los Angeles. She stated that she was “crazy about this boy” and Trent was the “most amazing man” she had ever met.

“He’s so cute with my daughter. I’m just crazy about him. It’s happened really fast. When I like someone, I really, really like them. If it’s there, it’s there, and it’s like there with him.”

Her over-the-top love story sounds eerily similar to the way she talks about her newest love, Cody Sattler. While it’s possible that the couple is in love, it’s hard to deny that she seems to have a pattern of falling in love fast, introducing her daughter to an “amazing man” and posting her love story all over social media.

Is Michelle Money’s new relationship really based on love or did she suddenly fall in love with Cody on Bachelor in Paradise when she realized their relationship would mean further fame and a big check if they married on television? Fans saw her flip the switch from “unsure” to “so in love” on the show’s season finale, making one wonder how she is already talking marriage with her newest boyfriend, Cody Sattler.

Do you think Michelle and Cody will get married or is this just another made-for-TV fling?

[Images: Michelle Money Instagram, @MoneyMichelle Twitter]