President Obama To Deploy 3,000 Troops To Africa To Fight Ebola

With the increase of Russian nuclear threats and the antagonistic barrage of Isis attacks, President Obama has heeded the pleas of Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and is ready to announce the deployment of 3,000 troops to Africa, in an attempt to fight against the Ebola virus.

President Obama is projected to make an announcement on Tuesday, September 16. His plan is to deploy the soldiers in an attempt to stop the spread of Ebola and help those that are infected. Originally, the pentagon authorized a 25 bed portable hospital to be deployed to Liberia. However, President Obama has decided to override that authorization and allow for the construction of 17 centers to treat Ebola stricken patients across the infected region and increase the number of beds to approximately 1,700.

Part of the plan will allow for American medical workers to intervene and train an additional 500 health care workers, per week, to continue in the treatment of the virus and assist in containing its effects. Army engineers will work on constructing the proper facilities to maintain a proper level of health for the infected and provide a proper area fro medical workers to perform their duties.

Not all ebola victims receive proper care. [Photo Courtesy: New York Times]
Not all ebola victims receive proper care. [Photo Courtesy: New York Times]A white House senior Administration official told reporters, on Monday, that President Obama will visit the U.S. Center for Disease Control, in Atlanta, on Tuesday to announce his plan.
"The entire international response effort is more effective and helps to... turn the tide in this crisis. The significant expansion that the president will detail... really represents... areas where the U.S. military will bring unique capabilities that we believe will improve the effectiveness of the entire global response."
The increase in beds and sanitary medical facilities will assist in halting the spread of Ebola. Medecins Sans Frontieres President, Joanne Liu, shared her prior concern that international help was not intervening.
"Highly infectious people are forced to return home, only to infect others and continue the spread of this deadly virus. All for a lack of international response,"
In a further attempt to stop the spread of Ebola, President Obama has requested an additional $88 million U.S. dollars in aid, with $58 million of the money to go towards production of ZMapp, the experimental Ebola vaccine.

Time will tell if the United States intervention will prove to be successful in the fight against the Ebola virus. What are your thoughts?

[Photo Courtesy: News Day]