Does This CCTV Footage Of Dover Castle Show A Ghost?

A CCTV in Dover Castle in England caught a shadowy black figure that appears to be a ghost. The short footage showed the entrance to the castle and what appears to be a shadow walking across the path before disappearing into thin air. Afterwards, a security guard looks around for signs of anyone who could be in the premises.

According to Mirror UK, the CCTV footage was uploaded to YouTube by a user named spyder1spanner2 with a message that read “I promise you this is not a fake. It’s filmed on CCTV at Dover Castle on to a mobile.”

Dover Express UK reported that the footage was uploaded in 2011, but was taken back in 2009. One user commented and said, “This is a great footage!! Looks like it tried to manifest. One can see how the legs were actually walking.”

Dover Castle, located in the Kent county, is also called “Key to England” because of its significance in history. It is also the biggest castle in England. History suggests that the castle was built in the 12th century as a defense fortress from the pirates, and later on, Napoleon’s army.

The castle was also used by Winston Churchill during World War II and served as a command center.

Today, Dover Castle welcomes visitors to explore the wartime tunnels, courts and rooms of the castle. There have been reports of ghosts and apparitions seen in the castle, and there are also ghost tours held there every Halloween.

Perhaps the castle’s violent history makes it a permanent home for ghosts, making it one of the most haunted buildings in the UK.

In the King’s room, the lower body of a man was seen walking and then vanishing. Two members of the castle’s staff have also seen the apparition of a lower body crossing the doorway of the bedchamber. Moreover, there are reports of a woman wearing a long, red dress that has been seen at the stairway.

Visitors have also experienced hearing drumming from the battlements. A headless figure has also been seen and is believed to be Sean Flynn, a young drummer boy who was beheaded while doing an errand involving money. Other reports are of disembodied voices, screams and doors that open and close on their own.

With the rich and violent history of Dover Castle, could there really be ghosts roaming the castle grounds? Was the figure caught on camera an apparition that was trying to manifest itself?

[Image via Wikimedia]