Kevin Olsen Suspended From Miami Hurricanes, Arrested For DUI And Fake Driver’s Licenses

The Miami Hurricanes had Kevin Olsen suspended shortly after police arrested the backup quarterback for a DUI and the possession of several false identifications.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, ESPN’s Hannah Storm was almost teary-eyed as she described how she had to tell her three daughters about the Ray Rice video and the circumstances behind it. Furthermore, she called out the NFL, saying that the organization needs to draw a hard line on NFL players that are stepping outside the boundaries.

This is not the first time the Miami Hurricanes had Kevin Olsen suspended in 2014. According to ESPN, Olsen was suspended for the season opener due to a failed drug test although he was reportedly allowed to be at practice when it had begun and only missed the first two games.

During this new incident, police say Olsen had “bloodshot eyes, an odor of alcohol and slurred speech, an officer reported he found five stolen identifications in Olsen’s wallet: two from Maryland, one from North Carolina, one from New Jersey and one from Florida.” Officers say Olsen failed a field sobriety test, and his breathalyzer test recorded a 0.04 blood alcohol level. Olsen reportedly refused to take a urine test.

The University of Miami may be tiring of the freshman’s antics since when they had Kevin Olsen suspended it was for an indefinite period this time around. The 19-year-old was booked into Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami after 4 A.M. this morning. He was briefly held on a $6,000 bond until he was released later in the afternoon.

Athletic Director Blake James said the team had Kevin Olsen suspended pending a review of the situation. Hurricanes coach Al Golden said the team will help the backup QB with rehab, and he doesn’t believe his absence will affect their success.

“Disappointment from my standpoint,” Golden said according to the Palm beach Post. “What’s paramount right now is his well-being and helping him through this … I want to make sure he’s getting the help that he needs, and he’s safe. Our team is tough. Our team is mentally tough. We have a lot of kids doing it the right way every day.”