Shane Is The Best Walmart Employee EVER! These Pictures Will Guarantee You’ll Agree With Me!

Walmart. Either you love it or hate it, it’s evidently clear that the United States is quite dependent on the mega-store chain that spans across the globe. Here on the Inquisitr, we reported numerous times on events and incidents involving Walmart. This includes our report on the hottest toys for the upcoming Holiday Season from them as well as employee complaints that the new dress code is too expensive on their current pay.

But every now and then, we get a bit of news that is extremely entertaining when it comes to how employees interact at their jobs. For one employee, he turned a job – that most people would not consider a dream job come true – into something worth going to every single day. He goes by the name Shane, and you’ll soon find out why he is the best Walmart employee EVER!

Many news sites such as the Examiner and Thrillist have reported on Shane from Walmart’s deli department. The latter of the two sources did include some textual insight instead of just posting a gallery. Apparently, the legend of Shane the deli man from Walmart was a legend born in the humblest place. That place is Gary, Indiana, a place that can be associated to the real-life version of Smallville without the Superman. Shane is also a firecracker with an indefatigable spirit in which he finds new ways to make his job entertaining much to the disdain of his bosses, as well as upper management.

Above are just twelve pictures of why Shane is awesome as shown from warnings from management. We should also give thanks to Shane’s co-workers at Walmart for sharing these photos on the original source at Reddit that document Shane’s wild ride as an employee in his own extraordinary league. It’s a ride which brought entertainment to himself, co-worker, and customer alike.

We would like to know what you think about the epic awesomeness which is Shane from the Walmart deli in Gary, Indiana. Did you find his antics entertaining or would you find them annoying? Please let us know if Shane is your hero (or not) in the comments below!