Teresa Giudice Listing Beach House, Boat For Sale Ahead Of Hearing

Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe are liquidating their homes just 2.5 weeks ahead of their October court date. The Real Housewives Of New Jersey stars will list their Beach Haven West home and their boat for sale just a week after listing their New Jersey mansion for $3.99 million. According to Radar Online, Teresa and Joe will need the money to pay off “creditors in their bankruptcy case.” They may also be forced to pay restitution on top of attorney fees for upcoming fraud trial. The home will be listed for just under $300,000.

“It’s being put on the market today, and the sale of the house will give Joe and Teresa money to pay off some creditors, and give them some cash. It was a very tough decision for Teresa to decide to sell the house. Knowing this would be their last summer at the beach house was bittersweet for her, but she knew it had to be done.”

Teresa Giudice may not be sentenced to prison on Oct. 2, but if Joe goes to jail, it will be extremely difficult for Tre to raise her four girls and keep two houses and a lot of “toys” on just one income. While she makes decent money, Teresa knows that she’s going to have to make some serious sacrifices because of what she and Joe did (mortgage fraud, tax evasion etc.) in the past.

A source said that Joe and Teresa are trying to get everything in order before their hearing. It does sound like selling their two homes was a last minute decision, which suggests that they have been given some information recently about how things are going to go in court.

The consensus seems to be that Teresa will get off and Joe will go to jail. According to The Inquisitr, the couple does not believe that Joe will be deported, which was another concern. They also seem pretty confident about Teresa walking away a “free woman.” She will just be a free not-so-rich woman is all.

Teresa Giudice will more than likely be put on probation and/or get sentenced to house arrest. According to Us Weekly, Teresa’s attorney is hoping for this outcome. As for Joe, however, things don’t look so positive. His attorney, Miles Feinstein, believes that jail time will be definite.

“We’re hoping Teresa does not go to jail. The great likelihood is that Joe will get some jail time… It’s just a matter of how long.”

[Photo courtesy of TVOM]