Kristy Kelley: Hunt Continues For Missing Indiana Mom, FBI Joins Search

Kristy Kelley has been missing for 31 days, and though searchers are not giving up on their hunt for the Indiana mom, it appears their leads have run dry.

The 27-year-old Kelley went missing on August 15, leaving her cell phone behind at the VFW and disappearing. Warrick County Sheriff Brett Kruse said the FBI has now joined in efforts to find the missing mom.

Kruse said investigators looked into the cell phone left by Kristy Kelley, but were not able to find any clues.

“Not a lot, nothing that we really know,” he said. “We pretty much knew who she was communicating with that night and the day before new information anyway.”

There was some hope last week when another Indiana mom who disappeared around the same time was found alive. Joelle Lockwood had disappeared in July about 30 miles from where Kelley was last seen. Lockwood was recently found in the home of a onetime friend, who police say held her captive in a cage for two months.

“Joelle is found!!! She is alive and well,” a friend posted on the Help Find Joelle Facebook group. “She appreciates everyone’s time and energy. We are so happy she is found safe.”

The family of Kristy Kelley was heartened by the news and the prospect that she might be found as well.

“First, I’d like to say how happy we are for the Lockwood family. Saturday night was just excited to hear that great news, “said Kristy’s father, Todd Scales.

But in the days since Lockwood was discovered, there have been no breaks in the search for Kristy Kelley, and what started as search efforts have now shifted to finding her body. A group from Missouri has joined the search, using two boats including one with sonar equipment to check local waterways.

[Image via Kelley family]