You Stink! Actually, Here’s Why You Don’t — Inside Secrets Of How Deodorant Keeps You Smelling Okay

Every day you roll or spray it on. Why? Because in our society, we’re told that we have to, or else we risk mortifying embarrassment. But at the same time, how many of us really know what that stuff is, that we’re slathering all over our armpits?

Of course, we’re talking about deodorant, or antiperspirant. Many consumers probably don’t realize that the two are actually different products, and most of us have no idea how either one actually works.

That’s why we at The Inquisitr are here to help, as we always are. Thanks to the folks at Mental Floss, we have a short 2 1/2 minute video that explains everything you ever wanted to know about deodorant (and antiperspirant) but were afraid to ask.

If you haven’t figured out the difference yet, “deodorant” is the stuff that stops your armpits from smelling like, well, armpits. “Antiperspirant” also accomplishes that goal, but it also stops you from, as the name implies, perspiring — a perfectly normal and, in fact, essential biological function, but one which we’re also conditioned to find embarrassing.

Because deodorants all do pretty much the same thing, the various brands on the market compete fiercely and rely on increasingly stylish advertising to persuade you to use Brand X over Brand Y. The best at that game is the women’s deodorant Secret, which has been the top-selling brand for about a decade and collects almost 18 percent of the $2.5 billion that Americans spend every year to keep their armpits smelling inoffensive.

Amazingly, the second-ranked brand on the market, and the top seller among men, is Axe. Talk about the power of advertising — Axe utilized extensive market research and a carefully crafted ad campaign to market its deodorant with the promise that not only will Axe make your pits smell okay, but that using Axe actually attracts women like a magnet.

This video won’t explain how that latter function works — if it actually does — but watch this Mental Floss clip to learn what you’re applying to your armpits every morning.