Hurricane Odile Is Pounding Mexico’s Baja Peninsula

Hurricane Odile has made landfall at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, causing wind, rains, and flooding, as well as sending tens of thousands of tourists and locals into temporary shelters as the storm passes.

The hurricane, initially a Category 3 hurricane but now downgraded to a Category 2, made landfall at 9:45 p.m. Pacific Time Sunday night, according to Fox News.

The southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula hosts gleaming megaresorts — particularly at the popular Cabo San Lucas — contrasted with humble fishing villages and poor neighborhoods of flimsy homes in low-lying areas. Hurricane Odile is predicted to bring large waves, a storm surge, heavy flooding, and landslides to the area.

According to The Wall Street Journal, some 26,000 foreign tourists are in the area. Among them was Sarah McKinney, from Arkansas, who told CNN that she and her daughter are riding out Hurricane Odile in their hotel room.

“I’ve cleared the beds and linen closets and have my daughter and I held up in the bathroom.”

She also posted a dramatic play-by-play of Hurricane Odile making landfall via a series of tweets.

Hurricane Odile is the second hurricane in two years to interfere with what should otherwise be a joyous day in Mexico — Mexico’s Independence Day. Last year, according to this Inquisitr report, Hurricane Manuel hit Mexico’s Pacific coast, causing dozens of deaths.

Hurricane Odile is the eighth named storm of the 2014 Pacific Hurricane Season.

Odile Track

Another Pacific Hurricane could make landfall soon; Tropical Depression 16-E is currently brewing. Meanwhile, over on the Atlantic side, Hurricane Edouard is forming out in the middle of the ocean, but is slowly headed toward the Caribbean Islands.

As of this post, Hurricane Odile is not expected to be noticed in the United States.

[Images courtesy of: Fox News,Accuweather]