Man Raped In His Sleep By 240 Pound Woman Who Pinned Him Down In His Bed

A 31-year-old Seattle man was raped by a 26-year-old 240 pound woman who broke into his apartment while he slept, crawled on top of him, and forced his erect penis inside her.

The accused woman, Chantae Gilman, is now facing rape charges after the man she allegedly raped reported her to the police, having been woken up by her after she pinned his arms down and positioned herself so he couldn’t break free.

The so-far unidentified victim told police that while he didn’t know Gilman personally, he had seen her with another man who lives in the same building. The victim described his attacker as a well-known drug user in the area.

The Smoking Gun reports that Gilman has a bunch of previous brushes with the law in the form of prior felon convictions for attempted robbery and possession of a stolen vehicle.

The police report on the rape noted that on the night the incident took place, the victim had attended a birthday party of a neighbor who knew Gilman. According to the report, the victim returned home after the party to sleep.

Detective Roger Ishimitsu noted in the report, “Once arriving home he fell asleep on his bed. Victim slept very hard due to a long day. He woke at 2 a.m. to find the 5-foot-7, 240-pound Gilman on top of him with his erect penis inside of her.”

The victim said he asked Gilman to get off him but was ignored. He was eventually able to work his way out from underneath her and then ejected her from the apartment before going to the Harborview Medical Center for a sexual assault examination.

Gilman told the police that she didn’t know her victim and that she doesn’t even remember being at his house or having sex with him. Detective Ishimitsu continued in his notes, “She said that she has a mental illness and suffers from Bipolar disorder and Psychosis.”

The suspect has been charged with second-degree rape for assaulting a victim “incapable of consenting to sexual intercourse by reason of being physically helpless.”