‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: A Week 12 Eviction Plan Is Laid Out

The Big Brother 16 finale is right around the corner, and two house guests will be sent to the jury this week. The week 12 nominations have been made, and the Power of Veto ceremony has been held. The eviction will be done on Monday, pre-taped, ahead of Tuesday’s show. Fans want Big Brother spoilers regarding how things will play out this week, and there are quite a few available.

Caleb Reynolds is the Head of Household this week, and he nominated Frankie Grande and Victoria Rafaeli. The Power of Veto wasn’t used, meaning either Frankie or Victoria will head to the jury. As Big Brother Network notes, Frankie Grande is the target for eviction, and all that was left to decide when the feeds went dark on Monday is whether he would be told ahead of time or not. When the next episode of BB16 airs on CBS on Tuesday, fans should be prepared to see Frankie voted out.

While Christine was booed by the audience during her eviction, viewers won’t see the same thing happen to Frankie. There will be an audience during the show taping, more than likely, but typically in these situations it is filled with CBS employees to try to prevent leaks. That said, sometimes Big Brother spoilers regarding the eviction will still leak.

Another BB16 house guest will be evicted in Wednesday’s live show, setting the stage for the final Head of Household competition. Since Caleb Reynolds will not be eligible to compete for HOH, and Victoria Rafaeli is an unlikely contender, it should be either Derrick Levasseur or Cody Calafiore as the next HOH. Everybody can expect to see Caleb evicted next, though he doesn’t seem to see it coming at all.

Caleb’s game play these past few days has been fascinating. He has said, more than once that he expects to be in the final two against Cody, and he thinks he will win. More recently he has commented that he is fine going out in third place because he knows he will win America’s Favorite Player.

In a season filled with predictable moves, perhaps the biggest shocker possible would be if Caleb actually won AFP. Many fans are hoping Donny Thompson wins that honor, or perhaps Zach Rance. However, Frankie Grande’s family, including sister and singer Ariana Grande, are working hard to push the win in his direction.

The truth of the matter is, unless Caleb wins Power of Veto in the next competition, Derrick and Cody will control the eviction and they believe Caleb is too big a threat to keep around. Of course, Cody has no idea just how tight Derrick is with Victoria, which is why Levasseur wants to keep her for one more round. Derrick will be sitting pretty in the final three with Victoria and Cody, as both of them will take Levasseur to the finals if they win HOH.

As Twitter user, and Big Brother spoiler guru, @MissCleoBB points out, the next HOH competition is likely going to be the quiz where houseguests step forwards or backwards to answer before or after or true or false to a number of questions. Could Victoria win that type of competition? Stranger things have happened, but it seems unlikely.

Really, it should come down to Derrick and Cody. It will be interesting to see whether Derrick goes for the win or perhaps subtly leaves it to Cody to win, so he has to make the nominations. Derrick and Cody can’t count on that final two quite yet as they have to ensure Caleb doesn’t win POV first. However, Caleb seems rather oblivious at this point so he may not feel the need to play all that hard for the win.

Stay tuned for more Big Brother spoilers that will come after the feeds return Tuesday night. By that time, another round of nominations will be in place, and the Power of Veto winner will likely be revealed as well. Wednesday’s show will narrow things down to the final three, and the three-part competition for the final Head of Household for Big Brother 16 will begin.

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