Anti-Semitism In Britain: Security Guard At Sports Direct Tells Students ‘No Jews, No Jews’

In a shocking report from London, England, a leading and well-known British retailer has issued an apology following an openly racist incident at one of their stores.

The incident occurred when a group of Jewish schoolchildren from Yavneh College high school in London we barred from entering a Sports Direct store by the security guard at the entrance. The man allegedly proclaimed, “no Jews, no Jews,” forbidding them entry to the store.

The astonished and presumably shell-shocked students, many of whom have great-grandparent who perished in the Holocaust, told reporters, according to a report on the algemeiner website, that the guard physically blocked their entry to the store in something reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

The Jewish Chronicle in Britain reported that David Rosen, a lawyer whose son was one of the students refused entry, complained to the store’s manager. After an inquiry, the security guard in question was promptly fired by his company.

A spokesperson for Sports Direct released an official statement about the incident.

“Our area manager was notified immediately of this incident and took swift action. He personally removed the guard and liaised with the security company which employed the individual. We were subsequently advised that he has been let go by that company. The guard was deeply offensive and disrespectful to the school children. We take pride in the lack of prejudice amongst our trained staff and will not tolerate discrimination of any kind.”

The latest anti-semitic incident to plague the Jews of England is endemic of the type of anti-Jewish rhetoric prevalent these days in Britain.

In fact, a recent study by UK anti-Semitism watchdog the Community Security Trust (CST) revealed that anti-Semitism in the first half of 2014 in Britain was a massive 400 percent higher than the same period in 2013.

There is no doubt that the current wave of anti-Semitism to hit Britain, as well as other countries in Europe, is related to Israel’s recent defensive war against the Gazan terrorists of Hamas, who fired thousands of short and long-range missiles on the Jewish State.

What that has to do with British Jewish schoolchildren living in London, who were verbally attacked at Sports Direct, is another story, and perhaps one we don’t even want to know the real answer to.