‘Dracula Untold’ TV Spot 2, New Poster: Luke Evans Transforms Into A Monster [Video]

A new TV spot and awesome poster for Dracula Untold shows how Luke Evans — who plays Vlad the Impaler — transforms into the famous vampire. The story is a new take on the tale of Dracula, which we know so well from old movies through the years.

However, we have never really heard about why Prince Vlad became a haunted monster who lived forever and looked for victims to satiate his thirst for blood and survival. Welsh actor Luke Evans brings to life the origins story in a dramatic, never-before-seen way.

Newcomer director Gary Shore — who has been best known for his spectacular sports commercials — embarks on this epic project to show us the human angle of Dracula, before he became a vampire. The story also explores the reasons why he does it and the consequences of his actions.

After the Twilight trilogy, we thought we were done with vampire movies for a while, but Universal decided to go back to one of the genres that made the studio what it is today, horror films. Even though Dracula Untold is not being branded as such, the release in the U.S. comes right before Halloween.

A new, spectacular poster was released along with the latest TV spot and it shows Luke Evans surrounded by thousands of bats as he transforms into the frightening creature. Check it out.

Luke Evans in Dracula Untold new poster

Dracula Untold is marketed as a love story, in which Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler) finds himself at a cross roads when the evil Sultan Mehmed — played by Dominic Cooper — comes back to threaten his family. The Sultan is amassing a 1,000-men army and wants to recruit Vlad’s young son.

With Dracula Untold, Gary Shore and screenwriters Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless are hoping to leave a lasting impression and possibly continue with a franchise. Luke Evans hinted to Screen Rant that since this is an origin story and Dracula is seen as a young man, there is room for a sequel if the film does well.

“If you’re going to start a story anyway you gotta start at the beginning and so you could go anywhere with Dracula right now. After this movie finishes the story finishes in a very, it’s like an open book where can he go. He’s immortal, so it could go anywhere. There’s a lot of discussions about that so it’s very exciting and I’m very much involved in the whole thing.”

Dracula-Untold German poster

Dominic Cooper also says that the fight sequences created by Shore are pretty spectacular. We can have a taste of what to expect in the following video. Dracula Untold lands in theaters in the U.S. on October 10.

[Image via Universal]