Reese Witherspoon’s Date Night Weirdness Sure Beats Being Arrested (Video)

Reese Witherspoon and her hubby, and agent, Tim Roth have a weird conception of what “Date Night” is supposed to be all about. Most spouses with children plan to have one night a week in which they pull away for some “couple” time. It could be a nice romantic dinner out at a favorite restaurant, a movie you’ve been waiting to see, sharing a bottle of wine at a secluded spot, attending a sporting event and the list goes on.

But not for Reese. Nope. According to US Magazine, Reese proudly blurted out for the world to hear at the Toronto International Film Festival exactly what she and Toth do for date night. Homework.

The multi-millionaire actress, starring in a new upcoming film Wild, says, “Our date nights are mainly helping our kids with homework. And then, going to sleep.” Reese has two children Ava, 15 and Deacon, 10, with her former husband Ryan Phillipe, and Reese also has two-year-old Tennessee with Jim Toth.

Maybe Reese’s favorite quote is, “Are we having fun yet?”

But, wait. Reese already had fun earlier this year. And too much of it. For those who don’t remember, Reese was arrested. Isn’t it somewhat ironic that the star of Legally Blond was arrested?

Maybe there is a reason Reese now stays home for date nights. Afterall, hubby Toth was also arrested the same night as Reese for a DUI. Café Mom reveals that Witherspoon and Toth were on their way home from a party when a cop pulled them over for suspicious driving behavior. As the officer was busy arresting Toth, he instructs Witherspoon to stay in the car.

Reese Mugshot

But no, Reese is having none of that and ignores the officer’s orders, because afterall, she’s “an American citizen.” She goes on to tell the officer, “I can do whatever I want to do. I can say whatever I want to say.” The officer then slaps cuffs on the Legally Drunk Witherspoon.

Reese continues saying the same thing over and over in the police video, “I am an American citizen. Do you know who I am? This is going to make national news.”

Guess what Reese? The officer didn’t care. And, no one is above the law. Even celebrities.

Reese officer

So, it’s probably safe to say that Reese and Tim are staying on the “down low” for a while. Only, is it because they want to steer clear of trouble? Or because Toth can’t drive?

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