These Rarely Seen Candid Photos Of Celebrities Will Reveal Their Human Side

Celebrities are considered above the ordinary. These divas have achieved the epitome of success and in the public eye; they have been elevated to very high, larger-than-life standards. Celebrities always appear well-dressed, with perfect make-up.

They are never seen doing menial work that we, as normal human beings, consider routine. However, we many-a-times forget, celebrities are people too. These rarely seen photos will prove that just like us, celebrities and great personalities do indulge in the trivial and seemingly mundane activities of life.

Steven Spielberg:

Just Horsing.. Err 'Sharking' Around. Looks Like The Jaws Won

Image Credit | Slip Talk

Steve Jobs:

The Time When Steve Jobs Gave IBM The Birdie

Image Credit | Apple Insider

Nancy Reagan and Mr. T

Now We Know What The First Lady Really Wanted For Christmas

Image Credit | Mental Floss

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney:

Michael Jackson And Paul McCartney Just Doing The Dishes... Whaaaa!

Image Credit | Imgur

Shaq and Bill Gates:

Well Microsoft Needed To Reach New Heights And A Lot Of Muscle Against iOS

Image Credit | Imgur

Richard Nixon and RoboCop

The Time When America Seriously Considered Raising An Army Of Resurrected Officers Inside A Metal Exoskeleton

Image Credit | Retroist

Queen Elizabeth:

One Of The Most Iconic And Royal Photobombs Ever. Period

Image Credit | ABC News

Prince Harry:

Well, If Grandma Can Do It... So Can I

Image Credit | Trendr

Robin Williams:

Robin Williams At His Best.. With Grace & Aplomb

Image Credit | College Humor

Stanley Kubrick and Jack Nicholson:

A Case Of Reveres Photobomb? Is Jack Nicholson The Third Wheel?

Image Credit | Sundance TV

Alfred Hitchcock and Sean Connery:

Even Seasoned Actors Had A Tough Time Understanding His Mysteries

Image Credit | Student Beans

Madonna, Sting, and Tupac:

Three Friends, Just Chilling

Image Credit | Eye Opening

Mark Hammill:

The Force Is Strong Within Him. So Much So That The Muppets Love Him

Image Credit | Star Wars

Michael Jackson and Mr. T:

Never Knew Young Michael Could Pack A Mean Wallop

Image Credit | Coed

Woody Allen and Michael Jackson:

Just Vouching For Some Poor Sap At A Student Rally

Image Credit | So Bad So Good

Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean:

The Magazine Must Be REALLY Good

Image Credit | Photographers Gallery

Albert Einstein:

Theory Of Relativity: If Its Cold, I Will Wear These Slippers

Image Credit | Boing Boing

Celebrities do want to lead a normal and boring life sometime. However, their name and fame always precedes them. These photos might be taken well before they become global icons, but they sure reveal a much more human and relatable side.

Featured Image Credit | Coed