Miss Nebraska Megan Swanson’s Crotch Shot: ‘Shaming Other Women Needs To Stop’

Miss Nebraska didn’t win the title of Miss America 2015, but accidentally flashing a crotch shot won her plenty of attention on Twitter during Sunday night’s live broadcast of the annual pageant. Many viewers who saw Megan Swanson’s embarrassing moment on TV snapped a photo to share on Twitter, causing #MissNebraska to quickly become a top trend.

The photos were the source of many jokes, but they also outraged women who felt Swanson’s photos were trending on social media for all the wrong reasons.

As if he knew Swanson was going to flash the audience, Mediaite writes that Miss America host Chris Harrison made his own version of a rather lewd joke right before cameras panned over to the contestants who were seated on stage.

“Here, the judges are looking through the beautiful gowns — not literally — that would be wrong. The judges will be looking at the personal style and flair of each of these contestants.”

As Harrison spoke, cameras caught what will forever be Miss Nebraska’s most embarrassing moment in pageant history on live TV. Swanson, 21, who hails from Omaha, Nebraska, leaned over to talk to another contestant and seemed to be unaware that cameras were at crotch level on stage. Wearing a short dress, Megan opened her legs for the world to see, a moment that set off a firestorm of both funny and unflattering tweets on Sunday night.

The New York Daily News quipped that although Nebraska is not the “Show Me State,” Miss Nebraska “did just that during the primetime telecast of the Miss America pageant.” Swanson’s crotch shot and the timing of host Chris Harrison’s joke was social media gold, with Megan Swanson winning the ultimate crown of “Most Embarrassed” in the Miss America pageant.

However, jokes about Megan Swanson’s crotch shot wasn’t the only hot topic on Twitter on Sunday night. There were many people who were upset that her upskirt shot was shared on social media. The videos and photos did sit well with many who felt that this could happen to any woman wearing a skirt or dress.

Although Miss Nebraska, whose platform is “Total Body Wellness: Spirit, Soul and Body,” did get plenty of attention on Twitter on Sunday night, Megan Swanson did not win the coveted title of Miss America 2015. Miss New York, Kira Kazantsev, was crowned the winner, beating out 52 other contestants from across the nation.

[Image: Veeoz.com]