Calvin Harris Releases Video for ‘Blame’ – Here’s Why Critics Absolutely Love This Song!

Calvin Harris released the new music video for his hit single, “Blame” over the weekend, and it has already gone viral.

Long before the music video was released, Calvin Harris has already generated a substantial amount of success with this song alone.

On Sunday, it was officially reported that “Blame” reached the top spot on the UK Singles Chart. Even though that may seem easy for a popular song to do (especially one that has a catchy beat and an addictive hook), this achievement speaks volumes for Calvin Harris. Why is that?

Well, this is not Calvin’s first time reaching the top of the list. Calvin Harris, with the popularity of “Blame,” has now reached the No. 1 spot on the UK Singles Chart five times.

Why exactly is this song so popular? Well, the fact that many top critics have nothing but great things to say about this new Calvin Harris single helps out a lot when it comes to its commercial success.

According to Robbie Daw with Idolator:

‘Blame’ somehow feels fuller and more rounded-out, structurally, than much of his other output. Call it a new era for the Scottish producer/DJ.

Lewis Corner of Digital Spy said:

It barely shifts away from the formula that’s enabled him to achieve 1 billion Spotify streams, but when it’s proving itself that effective, why resign the Midas Touch?

And that is primarily the golden ticket of reviews right there! It seems as if Lewis Corner hit it right on the head.

Calvin Harris has been able to find a special sound and unique style of music that has skyrocketed him to the top of the charts numerous times – making him an international sensation that is critically acclaimed and commercially successful. He has already found a winning formula – which is once again proven by the success and popularity of his new single, “Blame.”

The fact that he was able to get crooner John Newman to sing on the track makes it that much better; but, Calvin Harris probably could have gotten anyone to sing the same lyrics, and it would still be a hit.

In addition to the critics, Calvin Harris has also received a lot of support from his fans for this song as well:

I love love blame @CalvinHarris @JohnNewmanMusic — Justin (@3LAU) September 12, 2014

What do you think about Calvin Harris’ success overall – especially when it comes to his new hit single, “Blame?” Does the new music video for the song make you just as excited?

[Image Credit: ElRemix]