Trey Songz And Chris Brown Prove They Want To Be Just Like R. Kelly Again – Here’s How!

Trey Songz and Chris Brown.

Besides the fact that they are both from Virginia, the two singers do not have very much in common.

However, when it comes to their music, you might find that Trey Songz and Chris Brown have a lot more in common than you think. For instance, they both have clearly been influenced by the music of R. Kelly – especially when it comes to covering such topics as making love and being romantically intimate with women.

Trey Songz was able to revamp his image almost immediately after releasing his debut album in 2005, I Gotta Make It. Trey Songz went from being a fully clothed man with cornrows that relied on his voice to being a short-haired man known mostly for not wearing his shirt in order to show off his tattoos and ripped muscles that focuses more on his body. There have been more comparisons made between Trey Songz and R. Kelly than you can count – especially since it seems like Trey Songz strives to sound just like R. Kelly on many of his most popular songs.

Chris Brown has definitely changed in a number of ways – physically and musically – since he released his self-titled debut album in 2005. In addition to covering more mature topics than he did when he was just a teenager, Chris Brown has also been able to match the controversial bad boy image that R. Kelly has been known for over the years as well with a lengthy criminal record to prove it.

Even though it was recently announced that these two singers will be going on tour together, there has not been any further information confirmed about the tour since that announcement. Perhaps Trey Songz and Chris Brown are still trying to work out the details and get all of the dates lined up. On the other hand, maybe they are trying to convince R. Kelly to revamp his own career and join them on tour.

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