Rice Rant From A Non-Sports Guy With Two Daughters

USA Today says NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is “embattled,” and with the allegation that a DVD showing Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiance in a casino elevator was sent to the NFL offices months ago, has heat on him “like never before.”

The commish says he never saw the video until Monday, and he knows nothing about it having been previously sent to the NFL offices.

Here’s a quick background for you: In February, Ray Rice admitted to knocking out his fiance when video surfaced of him dragging her limp body out of an elevator. He was suspended for two games. Now video of the actual blow has surfaced, and immediately Rice was fired by the Baltimore Ravens. The NFL has banned him indefinitely as well.

Now you’re up to speed. Begin rant:

I’m seriously failing to see how the NFL commissioner has any “responsibility” in this situation. First, people were asking, “Why are you [punishing Ray Rice] now that the video is out when you already knew what happened months ago?”

NOW (National Organization for Women) is freaking out that he didn’t do more sooner — but everyone already knew what happened!

This is totally the pot calling the kettle black, and whether the commissioner had previously seen the video or not, I don’t believe the commissioner has any more liability than anyone else who had knowledge of the situation in February.

You either knew what happened in February and wanted Rice out for good at that time, or you didn’t care enough then and you don’t get to throw a fit now that the video is out.

I think Rice should have been out in February. However, I’m not a sports guy, so I didn’t even know about this incident until it suddenly became “pop news” with the release of the “horrific video.”

I submit — what Rice did to his then-fiance (now-wife) was and is horrific. The video — it’s just a bad documentation of the incident. The video isn’t horrific. The act is horrific.

If you knew about the act in February then you should have been up in arms about Rice only getting a two game suspension in February. But Goodell didn’t deem banning Rice necessary at that time, and there wasn’t an outcry for Goodell’s job then.

So, if you’re one of those people that thinks Goodell needs to go, I’d like to know why you weren’t saying that in February, or why you weren’t boycotting the NFL or participating in viral campaigns like #WhyIStayed or #WhyILeft

Everyone is asking the same question — why did it take this video for action to be taken?

But you can’t blame Goodell any more than you can blame yourself if you knew about this situation then.

End rant.

Finally, if you want to go after someone, go after this guy. Idiot.

NBC Sports reports Ray Rice plans to appeal his suspension on Monday.