Robert Griffin III Suffers Dislocated Ankle, Carted Off Field In Game Against Jaguars

Robert Griffin III was carted off the field during Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars after suffering from a dislocated ankle on the field.

It seems like after a season that ended in injury last year, Robert Griffin III (also known as RG3) might have suffered his first season-ending injury.

How did it happen? At what moment during the game did the hearts of Redskins fans drop down into their stomachs? The game started off strong for Robert Griffin III, especially since he was able to complete two of his first three passes in addition to rushing for over 20 yards on two separate carries. It may have seemed as if RG3 was in great form, great shape, and ready to lead his team to their very first victory for the season! Robert Griffin III appeared to carry the team on his shoulders as the game started.

However, it wasn’t his shoulders that would eventually cause his impressive run to come to a screeching halt.

During their 2nd offensive possession in the game, the Washington Redskins were on their 2nd down with four yards left from the Jacksonville 39-yard line until they gained another first down. Jacksonville linebacker Paul Posluszny was heading straight for Robert Griffin III with a diving tackle that seemed as if it was going to nail RG3 directly.

However, Griffin was able to slip his way through that by rolling to the right. At first glance, it was a beautiful play — one that you just knew was going to end up being the starting point for a high-scoring play featured on ESPN’s rotation for the next few days. That was, of course, until the starting quarterback’s left foot did not come down as cleanly as Robert would have liked. He still used his right foot to throw a 19-yard pass to Jackson before falling out of bounds. It was clear that Robert Griffin III did not want to land on his left foot after throwing that pass, but it ended up being sacrificed to save the play.

Even though he started flopping around on the field in sheer pain, Griffin was determined to not do any more damage to his ankle even though he was clearly worried about the injury.

After the game ended, Robert Griffin III had this to say about that painful moment on the field.

“It’s an excruciating pain, but I think any time you look at your ankle and it’s in a different direction, you’re probably not going to try to get up. I was just trying to make sure I wasn’t doing any more damage to it, so I stayed there and waited for the trainers to come and help me get up and on the cart to get the X-rays.”

With an MRI scheduled for 10 a.m. Monday morning, fans and critics alike are on pins and needles wondering if that was the moment when the 2014-14 season of Robert Griffin III came to an abrupt end.

What do you think? Is this the end of RG3? Will Robert Griffin III be able to make able to make a return to the field later on in the season?