Alaska Bar Shooting Leaves Six People Injured, One Critical [Breaking]

We are getting reports of a shooting outside of an Alaska bar which resulted in at least six injuries. According to ABC News, citing The Associated Press, the suspects behind the shooting are still at large. The shooting incident was reported at around 4:25 a.m. local time.

The report adds that the bar shooting incident happened at the Kodiak Bar and Grill located in Anchorage. Initial reports say some of the people injured during the shooting included members of a family and their friends who were standing outside the bar when the incident took place. According to local police officials, the shooting happened after an argument broke out between members of the family and the suspects, who are currently on the run and at-large.

According to The Washington Times, at least one of the injured persons has been listed in critical condition. The man has been identified as 20-year-old Jonah Silva, who, according to the police, suffered a life-threatening gunshot injury to his abdomen.

Police officials have described the suspects as two men in their mid-20s. We are still awaiting their names and further details. Police officials have already started investigating the bar shooting incident, and have started interviewing the victims and other eyewitnesses who were present outside the location when the shooting took place.

Police also appealed to locals to hand over any information they might have about the suspects and call them immediately.

This unfortunate shooting incident at the Alaska Bar comes just days after the infamous Sarah Palin family brawl at a birthday party made headline news.