Ben Carson Makes Bill O’Reilly Look Like A Feminist While Debating About Ray Rice [Video]

With the Ray Rice scandal whipping across the nation like wildfire, it’s rare to see a dissenting opinion that defends the NFL player for beating his wife, Janay Rice-Palmer. But there’s always a first, this time in the form of Dr. Ben Carson on the Fox News show hosted by Bill O’ Reilly.

Before coming on O’Reilly’s show, Carson appeared on The Steve Malzberg Show on conservative media outlet Newsmax earlier in the week. There he made some controversial statements about Ray and Janay Rice, which many believed were dismissive of the seriousness of Rice’s actions.

“Let’s not all jump on the bandwagon of demonizing this guy. He obviously has some real problems… His wife knows that because she subsequently married him… I’m hopeful that they will get some help for him. Obviously, anyone who would do something like that needs some help.”

When he appeared on Bill’s show, the Fox News host was bothered by Ben’s view that the media should not “demonize” Ray Rice in light of the graphic video released by TMZ. You can watch Carson’s interview below.

In the interview with O’Reilly, Ben continued to defend his claims that Rice was being unfairly treated by the public in the fallout from the domestic abuse scandal.

“I’m not sure that demonizing people is ever the right thing to do… The reason we all feel that way [about Ray Rice] is because it was such a despicable thing. This is somebody who he loves, and he pummeled her with enough force it could have killed her.”

When Bill says the tape is a serious issue because “millions of men” commit acts of violence against women, Ben simply replies, “I’m not sure that’s true.”

That’s when O’Reilly really loses it over the Carson’s narrative.

“I’m telling you — battery against women in this country and around the world is just out of control. No doubt about it, Again, I want to send the message that I do believe this is a plague, this violence against women all over the world.”

Jenny Cutner at Slate was especially shocked by Ben’s comments about sympathy for Ray Rice. She believes Carson has a possible “mental problem” due to his extremely negative comments about the gay community in the past. Carson published the following quote in his 1999 book The Big Picture./em>.

“God in his Word says very clearly that he considers homosexual acts to be an ‘abomination.’ Whenever I point out that God calls homosexual behavior a sin, I am usually quick to add that the Bible just as clearly calls a lot of other things wrong — lying, cheating, adultery, murder, gluttony — and I am not going to try to justify any those things in order to be politically correct either.”

What do you think? Are Dr. Ben Carson’s comments on Bill O’Reilly’s show the most outrageous of the Ray Rice fallout?

[Image via Fox News]