Power Outage At New Jersey Six Flags Great Adventure And Safari Park Leaves Riders Stuck

A power outage at the Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari theme park in New Jersey led to some anxious moments as hordes of people were left stuck on various rides.

According to ABC News, the incident happened earlier today (September 14) and did cause some panic. However, no injuries were reported. While the cause of the electrical outage has not yet been determined, eyewitnesses present at the park did report seeing smoke coming out of an electrical cabinet installed at the park.

According to Kaitlyn Turi, a spokeswoman at the Six Flags Great Adventure, all the patrons stuck on various rides in the park were safely unloaded. It took 20 minutes for all the people to be safely evacuated. While the spokesperson did not confirm this, many people visiting the park reported that they were issued refunds by officials. Here are some tweets by eyewitnesses to the incident.

An official statement was later released by another park spokeswoman, Kristin Siebneicher.

“Earlier today the park experienced a power outage. All of our guests were safely unloaded from the affected rides within 20 minutes. Jersey Central Power and Light is here assessing the source of the outage. Power has been restored to portions of the park and, following a safety check some rides have begun to resume normal operations.”

The ABC News report also adds that the power outage was a minor issue, and that other rides and attractions at the park resumed normal operations a short time later. The rides affected by the power outage underwent a mandatory safety check and assessment before they were re-opened to the public. The authorities at the Six Flags Great Adventure Park have not yet detailed the specific rides that were affected by today’s outage.

The latest incident of a power outage at the Six Flags Great Adventure comes days after another ride at the park, the 233-foot-tall Nitro roller coaster, lost power while it was partway up. People were forced to ride back down along the tracks to safety.

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