Desi Star Vennu Mallesh Takes Ice Bucket Challenge To New Heights: “Let’s Do It, Yaar”

Many have completed the Ice Bucket Challenge, but none have done so as eloquently or awesomely as Desi entertainer Vennu Mallesh. Pictured above, this trend-defining Desi YouTube filmmaker initially rose to fame in 2012 when he released the now world-renowned music video, “It’s My Life What Ever I Wanna Do.” The video earned him mad accolades from the likes of the Metro, the Daily Mirror, and even the Huffington Post, because it takes a whole lot of guts to buck the Indian community – which typically hates heavily on those who eschew traditional careers in engineering, medicine, and technical support for one in entertainment – and release something like that!

Fast forward to this past August, when Desi entertainer Vennu Mallesh released a brand new mind-numbingly awesome video – one so breathtakingly magnificent that it inspired the folks at NDTV to assert that Vennu should be crowned the “King of the Internet.”



See what he did there? He raised awareness for the Ice Bucket Challenge (and thus ALS) by mixing comedic dance moves with simplistic but poignant lyrics (“It’s a raise awareness challenge and it’s a wise awareness challenge”) – and then allowing someone (or a group of people) to splash him with water from all sides. He also inadvertently introduced the West to the term “yaar,” which in Hindi means friend.

Anyway. So who exactly is Vennu Mallesh, and why in the world does he produce these sorts of films that not surprisingly earn him the attention of a whole lot of haters? Vennu revealed via email that he never intended to pursue a career in entertainment – and that inspiration ultimately came from the same sorts of antagonistic haters who constantly deride him for his offbeat bubbly personality:

“Actually I [didn’t] have any plans to make songs… but due to some incidents and because of Hell Wishers, I decided to make a song [about myself]: ‘It’s My Life What Ever I Wanna Do.'”

It just so happens that, according to IBN Live, the song he made winded up going viral and attracting millions upon millions of views from all across the globe. It also helped inspire confidence from his family, who Vennu reports were always extraordinarily worried about him. According to Vennu, even his own mother used to express great concern (and even shame) at his seemingly pointless antics. Not anymore, though. Now she, as well as Vennu’s many fans, see the incredible potential for success lurking underneath his vibrant exterior.

Speaking of which, Vennu’s next big move involves running an “Ugly Selfie Challenge” designed to make the world laugh. So often people (especially those with low self-esteem) fret over taking a perfect selfie, so Vennu figures that perhaps it is time for the world to celebrate the opposite of a perfect selfie – the ugly selfie. Great idea, yes?

And oh, today (September 18), is his birthday, so be sure to follow him on Facebook and wish him a much-deserved “Happy 30th Birthday”!

Last but not least, always keep the following words from Vennu Mallesh in mind whenever haters try to get you down:

“Do the things which make you happy. It’s your life. Do whatever you want. But make sure that no one is getting harmed because of your doings.”

Image via [YouTube]