Perverted Man Gets 25 Years in Prison After Raping Pregnant Woman, Forcing Her To Breastfeed Him

A perverted stalker is now behind bars and unable to harm another woman. According to Metro UK, 50-year-old Kevin Gibbons has been sentenced to 25 years in prison in a Liverpool Crown Court room for beating, raping, and imprisoning two women.

Gibbons, whom Judge David Aubrey described as “manipulative, controlling, obsessive and domineering,” was found guilty on 11 different charges, including three counts of rapes, two counts of false imprisonment, three indecent assault charges, a stalking charge, and two counts of child cruelty.

Gibbons’ warped perspective of life was also highlighted during the three-week trial. Although he claimed he “lived by the word of God and practiced his teachings,” he saw nothing wrong with his disturbing actions. One of his victims recounted her horrific experiences with Gibbons, stating he brutally beat and raped her while she was pregnant. Then, to make matters worse, he also reportedly forced her to breastfeed him. Gibbons also filmed the heinous acts.

Detective Constable Sheena Maerevoet released a statement in reference to Gibbons’ disturbing behavior. He also said justice was served by putting him behind bars, reports Mirror UK.

“At the heart of this investigation are two innocent women who were subjected to years of horrific sexual and physical abuse. The facts of this appalling case speak for themselves. Gibbons is one of the most vile, controlling, abusive and cowardly men I have ever encountered during all my years in policing and I have no hesitation in saying that he deserves every second of his lengthy prison sentence.

“These women felt unable to cope, prisoners in their own home, hunted and haunted by Gibbons to the point they felt like they could not even go to the shops. In some instances, both felt like dying. Their bravery cannot be overstated. They showed true courage to give evidence at court and thanks to their tenacity and refusal to allow Gibbons to get away with it, an extremely dangerous man is now behind bars.”

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