Arkansas Judge Dismissed For Leaking Charlize Theron's Adoption Details

Arkansas Judge Michael Maggio has been dismissed from his duties on Thursday for revealing the details regarding Charlize Theron's 2012 adoption. In addition, the Arkansas Supreme Court also signed a lifetime ban for Maggio.

In January 2012, Maggio used the pseudonym "geauxjudge" and posted the adoption details of Theron on a message board of Louisiana State University, NY Daily News reports. Maggio served in the same court division as the judge who was handling Theron's case.

Charlize Theron Adoption

Maggio also said that Theron appeared in court wearing a disguise with her entourage and wrote other details on the message board.

"It was a single parent adoption. I offered to be the baby daddy."
Under Arkansas law, adoption proceedings are to remain sealed. Maggio violated the law, since Theron didn't confirm the adoption until March 2012, which is 2 months after Maggio dished out the information.

Maggio admitted his mistake and said that he is remorseful for his "lapse in personal judgment." He also said that he has no excuse for his action, but that the comments he made were not a reflection of who he is as a person.

The Supreme Court fired Maggio.

"This court concludes that immediate removal is the just and proper sanction for the judge's conduct."
Maggio has been suspended from his position since March, but was allowed to keep his title. He also continued to receive his yearly salary of $140,000 until the Arkansas Judicial Discipline Commission reviews his case. On Thursday, however, the Supreme Court overruled the recommendation of Maggio's suspension and his salary. They also barred him from having judgeship in the state of Arkansas, Huffington Post reports.

Maggio was a candidate for a seat on the Arkansas Court of Appeals, but withdrew from his campaign after the posts that he made were revealed to the public. Furthermore, an Ethics Commission complaint investigation was dropped and Maggio ended up paying a fine of $750 in order to settle the allegations that he got regarding improper campaign contributions.

Charlize Theron is the proud mother of Jackson. In an interview in 2012, she revealed that the process of adopting Jackson took 2 years.

"It took 2 years of waiting, and then one day, it's finally there, and it feels exactly how it's supposed to feel. I don't know how to describe it. It just feels right."
Meanwhile, Charlize may be looking into adopting another child with Sean Penn, as said in an Inquisitr article.

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