Watch A Pit Bull Puppy Say A Silly, Sloppy Thanks To The Man Who Saved Him From Torture

If you're still afraid of pit bulls, or even if you're not but you just love adorable puppies, you need to watch this video taken earlier this summer of a pit bull puppy who is more than a little happy to see the man who rescued him.

The man is Joey Wagner, who runs the Marine Animal Society in Nova Scotia, which is where he rescued this affectionate little fellow, whose name is Mojo. The myth is that pit bulls are vicious from birth, which is absolutely not true. What is true is that this erroneous belief makes pit bulls attractive to vicious owners.

So when you meet a vicious pit bull, you should remember that it only got that way because it has spent its life being treated viciously. Studies have shown that owners of vicious dogs tend to have much higher rates of criminality and are more likely to exhibit the traits of a psychopath than owners of non-vicious dogs.

A life of misery and brutality was all that this little pit bull had to look forward t, until Joey Wagner came along. In this video, Wagner visits the little dog at the vet's office, where the puppy was treated and nursed back to health.

You think dogs don't remember people? Watch how this this pit bull shows his gratitude to the man who saved him.