Ohio University Students Arrested For Supporting Israel At Student Senate Meeting

When it comes to the crisis in the Middle East, there are two situations everyone is keeping their eyes on. The first is ISIS, and many Americans are now concerned the group may infiltrate the United States. However, the second situation is the one between Israel and Hamas over Gaza. Right now, both are in the midst of a truce, or cease-fire, in which The Inquisitr reports that the Hamas are rebuilding their tunnels, stocking up on supplies, and rearming for a another war, possibly against Israel. They probably used the money they made from stealing humanitarian aid for their civilians and selling it on the black market.

Nevertheless, the world seems to have taken sides when it comes to the conflict between Israel and Palestine over Gaza. There have been numerous reports of people supporting the Hamas, especially in London, Chicago, and even our nation’s capitol. But there are also supporters for Israel, but it seems they are the ones who are targeted. For example, a former Marine who is pro-Israel was attacked and injured recently.

Now four more people who support Israel can be added to the persecuted, as reports claim students at the Ohio University were arrested for reading from a conservative blog at a lawful meeting.

According to The Post, Ohio University Police Department Chief Andrew Powers stated that four students were arrested at Wednesday night’s Student Senate meeting in Walter Hall. The students were part of a group known as Bobcats for Israel, and among them included their president, Becky Sobo. Maxwell Peltz, Gabriel Sirkin, and Jonah Yulish were also arrested. Apparently, they demanded the resignation of Megan Marzac, the Student Senate president, because she is empathetic towards Hamas and their cause.

“I will never apologize for standing with the people of Palestine.”

As for the four students who were arrested, they were supposed to appear in an Athens Municipal Court on Thursday morning, but were released as stated by the Ohio University Police Department clerk. However, if they were convicted, they would be charged with a fourth degree misdemeanor, carry a maximum sentence of up to 30 days in jail, and a $250 fine.

The Blaze followed up on this story, reporting that it was Megan Marzac who asked the police officers to remove the four pro-Israel students because they were disrupting order with their speeches against Marzac’s paint bucket challenge. The students reportedly utilized a conservative blog, in which they used a list of pro-Israel quotes for their action. Marzac apparently did not like this; a witness said that Marzac was shouting down at the student reading from the blog. This all happened during the Student Speakout, a period at the beginning of every meeting when students can speak out about any concern or issue.

What do you think about the situation of the four Ohio University students being arrested? Is this a case of specialization in which they were arrested just for being pro-Israel? If the students supporting Israel spoke during the Student Speakout, how could they have “disrupted order”? Please let us know in the comments below.

[Image via The Post]